High School Student Services

From college planning and preparation, to college selection and applications, high school students successfully achieve their college goals with CPSi's expert advice and guidance.

Beginning with an in-depth interview of the student, CPSi makes customized recommendations for preparation and enhanced opportunities through a step-by-step plan that covers specific instructions to help the student discover a passion, suggestions for field of study options, and recommendations for all standardized tests, activities, internships, mentoring, academic improvements and other options to create a balanced student life.

For college selection, CPSi's service includes a customized list of colleges selected for the student. Using a unique two-step system developed by CPSi, students choose the colleges where they will apply.

For the college applications, CPSi's service includes essay brainstorming and outlining assistance, essay review, critique and editing to strengthen the student's essays. CPSi works one-on-one with students to develop a college application timeline, optimize applications, assist with college money issues, and help with comparing college admission awards to make the final college selection.