College Planning During a Pandemic

College Planning During a Pandemic

First, I hope that you and yours are well during these crazy pandemic times. I must express my gratitude that all of us at CPSi are well, and so are our students and their families. CPSi’s office is closed, but we continue to work with our students remotely, using video calls, email, and phone.

Second, let’s acknowledge the gravity of the situation. We grieve deeply with those who have suffered. Yet the most obvious effects – loss of life and the serious illness so many suffer, coupled with business and personal economic hardships and mental health issues as we remain physically distanced from our friends and extended family – are far from the whole story.

Uncertainty brings stress. We are planners, but cannot know exactly what to plan for. As we’ve all become aware, the pandemic brings many layers of uncertainty and hardship for even those who remain healthy and can weather the economic shut-down. For example, our graduating seniors who must give up their high school rites of passage (prom, commencement, etc.) are anxious about whether they will “go” to college or stay home to take classes remotely, and about how to make college friends from a distance. Parents are rightfully concerned about college costs for online classes, if that’s where things go. These are real and deeply-felt worries amid many others that leave wounds and scars that will remain with us. It seems the fabric of society will be changed into the foreseeable future – yet exactly which things will remain changed and how much is also uncertain.

Finally, we must find a way to cope, remembering that this situation is temporary. Although we cannot know when the virus will be contained, history and science indicate that it will happen. I choose to believe that each of us will find a way to help one another move forward as we learn more about what is needed and how we can help. Everyone I know is ready for that and already doing what they can. Keep it up.

Meanwhile, be well and hang in there. Focus on preparing for your future, which includes learning and preparing for college admission. Help where you can, and reach out if you need help. We’ll get through this.

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