College Transfer Services

College Transfer Services

Has your college freshman and/or sophomore GPA fallen far below what you had expected? Have you taken some freshman and sophomore classes that were less than what you had hoped? Do you feel that the college or university that you are attending has not been a good match for your strengths and personality? Has your college experience left you feeling dismayed, no matter how hard you try? College Planning Solutions, Inc. offers college transfer student services for those wanting to transfer to a more suitable college or an academically stronger curriculum.

In search of the right college fit, about 19% of college students change colleges at least once. Fortunately, among the many good colleges, several are just right for you. For nearly two decades, CPSi has helped hundreds of students find and transfer to colleges that match their personalities, learning styles, and academic expectations.


Getting started withCPSi

Arrange a Private Skype Video Call

Contact us to arrange a private Question & Answer session with a CPSi consultant to evaluate your unique college admission questions, concerns, and opportunities. Meetings are held via Skype video call. Through this evaluation, explore possible ways to overcome challenges and achieve your objectives.

  • Who – Parent(s), preferably together with their student
  • HowEmail us to arrange your one-hour Skype video call
  • Cost – $350 for 11th & 12th-grade students with parent(s)

After the meeting time and date are arranged, an invoice with payment link will be emailed to you.
Payment is required within 24 hours to hold the reserved meeting time.