The AP Capstone 

Should I register?

AP Capstone is a recent addition to the AP Course offerings. Together with other requirements to earn an AP Capstone Diploma, the course is to help students build skills important for success in college classes.
This program offers an opportunity for recognition of achievement in AP classes, for the development of skills important to college success, and for building content knowledge in core subject areas, there are some potential disadvantages – but there are also potential disadvantages. These include less flexibility in your course choices, and possibly missing an opportunity to explore academic or career areas that fall outside of the AP course options (such as marketing, nanotechnology, or business law). 

How do I know if AP Capstone is right for me?
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You’ve scoured the school websites for detailed information and statistics. You’ve read though the printed flyers and magazines that have started to fill up your mailbox on an almost daily basis. As important and helpful as these college research tactics can be, there is nothing quite as eye-opening as stepping foot on a physical college campus as you attempt to discover your best-fit school.

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Do college admission committees prefer Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate programs?  
Students, that’s the wrong question. A better question is, “Which of these rigorous programs will best serve me?”  And the answer is not the same for everyone. Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) are structured differently with different objectives for student learning.
Here are just a few key differences to consider: 

AP Programs.
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