As a premier independent college admission consulting firm since 1993, CPSi has more than 9,600 student successes.

CPSi – Your education partner

Welcome to CPSi

At CPSi, we mentor our students and teach them how to achieve admission and academic success through work-ethic, integrity, honor, involvement, and owning their education path. Our students include U.S. and international high school students (9th, 10th, and 11th grades) as well as college students wanting to transfer or apply to graduate school.

We work with national and international students, engaging them in planning, preparing, selecting, applying, and gaining admission to their best-fit, quality colleges or graduate programs.

Why choose CPSi?

Proven Success

More than 94% of CPSi’s graduates who followed our recommendations last year received
$3,000 – $25,000 in annual scholarships.
Families rave about CPSi’s insight, unbiased information, and guidance, promoting student success through work-ethic, honesty, integrity, and pride, resulting in a 99% admission rate when students follow CPSi’s advice.

Personalized Planning & Development

CPSi consultants work closely with both students and their parents to develop a customized written college plan. We provide student recommendations to optimize opportunities as they navigate the maze of college preparation, selection, admission, and college money. Beginning with each student’s unique personality, interests, testing aptitude, and involvements, we help students develop and then showcase their best qualities and qualifications to prospective best-fit schools.

Continued Growth & Opportunity

CPSi goes beyond providing steps to gain admission at a top university. We strive to help students develop organizational and leadership qualities, understand what excites them, and discover their passion. This ensures that students commit to a college environment where they will thrive, rather than just attend, and will bring along skills and values that benefit them during their college years and beyond.