As a premier independent college admission consulting firm since 1993, CPSi has more than 11,700 student successes.

CPSi – Your education partner


by teaching and reinforcing achievement of academic success through work-ethic, integrity, honor, involvement, and students owning their education goals.
These are the qualities high-caliber colleges seek in their admitted applicants, and the characteristics that support success in most walks of life.

We mentor students to improve their mindset and approach in planning, preparing, selecting, applying, and gaining admission to their best-fit, quality colleges.

Why choose CPSi?

Proven Success

Families rave about CPSi’s insight, unbiased information, and guidance, promoting student success through pride in work-ethic, honesty, and integrity.
CPSi mentors students based on their personality, interests, aptitude, involvements, and goals. Beyond mere how-to steps, we strive to help students develop leadership qualities, discover their passions, gain admission at a college where they will thrive, and carry skills and values that benefit them in college and life.

CPSi Founder and Visionary

Bob Mahmoudi is the visionary and founder of College Planning Solutions (CPSi). Bob laid the CPSi groundwork in 1991 and established the company in 1993 to empower parents and mentor students to make decisions that support achievement of their education goals and life ambitions. Students and their parents find Bob’s approach and his motivational guidance in the college admission process inspiring, logical, and successful. As leader of an independent education consulting organization serving students locally, nationally, and internationally, Bob has been interviewed and quoted on college topics by local and national media, including the AP, CBS, and NBC, and he regularly presents at Johns Hopkins University’s CTY conferences.

After 28 years, the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 forced us to offer our mentoring services online only, via Skype video calls. Today, CPSi continues as an online-only service, and for only a very limited number of students.