Are college tours really important?

College Visits in the Age of Online Shopping

You’ve scoured the school websites for detailed information and statistics. You’ve read though the printed flyers and magazines that have started to fill up your mailbox on an almost daily basis. As important and helpful as these college research tactics can be, there is nothing quite as eye-opening as stepping foot on a physical college campus as you attempt to discover your best-fit school.

In our current “online shopping age,” there’s a common feeling that we can now research and buy what we want without having to actually see it in person. While this may work for toasters or televisions, narrowing down your top college choices often needs a little something more in order to boost one school to the very top of your list. Many students are surprised to find that different campuses really do have a distinct feel and atmosphere to them, and that’s something that you’ll need to be there to experience. Even a short, candid conversation with a campus tour guide or some passing students can frequently produce stronger feelings or opinions on a school than anything posted on their website.

The surrounding area and home city of the campus can also make a huge difference. Are you hoping to experience the busy, social environment of a university set in New York City, or would a peaceful, countryside college setting be more your speed? Visiting local shops, cafes, restaurants, etc., to get a better feel for the area can also be a great way to discover if the school’s location would be a good fit for you.

How many different colleges should I tour? When should I start arranging these tours? How do I fully prepare for in-person college interviews? Your CPSi consultants can answer these common questions and many more, and will help you make the most of your college touring experience.

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