Are Foreign Language classes worth it?

Are Foreign Language Classes Worth it? Why you may need more than 2 years of language

Students – Do you wonder if you need another year of Spanish, French, Chinese, or other World Language?

The Yale office of admission provides this advice:

… try to take courses each year in English, science, math, the social sciences, and foreign language znajdź. We encourage you to pursue your intellectual interests, so long as it is not at the expense of your program’s overall rigor or your preparedness for college. Be honest with yourself when you are deciding between different courses. Are you choosing a particular course because you are truly excited about it and the challenge it presents, or are you also motivated by a desire to avoid a different academic subject?

Rather than simply thinking about meeting graduation or college admission requirements, consider these benefits of learning another language:

  1. Enhanced listening skills and memory;
  2. Improved analytical skills;
  3. Increased creativity;
  4. Improved scores on standardized tests;
  5. Increased appreciation for cultural diversity (something you will likely be required to write about on a few of your college application essays); and finally,
  6. Increased job opportunities post-college graduation.

Still aren’t sure whether continuing your language studies is the best decision for you? Before you choosing classes for next term, contact CPSi to help you decide the best option for achieving your education goals.

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