International Student Services

International Student Services

International students around the world seeking admission to U.S. colleges achieve their goals through CPSi’s International Student programs.
Via Skype conference and email, CPSi serves students in China, Japan, Korea, and India as well as in countries in the Middle East, Europe, South America, and North America. Contact us for more information.

Our college admission planning and preparation programs can help the International Student:

  • Identify, select, and apply to the best colleges for you
  • Learn about the best colleges for international students
  • Know the facts about how to improve your position for college admission
  • Know how to set yourself apart from your peers for admission to U.S. colleges
  • Get professional help with writing your applications
  • Get abundant help with choosing your essay topics, expressing your thoughts, and checking your writing for grammar, content, and effect
  • Learn the safest colleges for an International Student
  • Gain skills to successfully interview with colleges and win them over
  • Choose colleges that provide help for the International Student
  • Learn which colleges offer scholarships for an International Student

Best of all, if you are offered a CPSi International Student program, it will be customized just for you to gain admission to the best colleges for you!

Getting Started with CPSi

To explore CPSi services for your specific education needs, call +1 425 455 4272 to arrange a private one-hour meeting with a consultant at CPSi’s Bellevue office. If you are not in the area, you may arrange a phone or Skype conference.

The fee for this evaluation meeting is $400, payable by credit card at the time of scheduling. Scheduling is subject to availability of openings for new CPSi students.

If appropriate, specific services may be offered at the conclusion of the meeting.