CPSi Service Objectives

  • Provide solutions for students in middle school, junior and senior high school, and college.
  • Empower parents and students with facts.
  • Help students who need to be challenged attend colleges that fulfill their needs, leading to success.
  • Motivate students to take the initiative and follow through with action.
  • Help parents and students relate and work more effectively together toward a valuable Education Partnership that lasts the student’s lifetime.

CPSi Empowers Students to

  • Become strong candidates for college admission while still having fun in Junior and Senior High School.
  • Improve their candidacy for merit money and scholarships and explore college money for family financial aid need.
  • Find their right-fit colleges, schools that match the student’s style of learning regardless of whether they are a great test-taker.
  • Successfully complete their college applications, and uniquely and ethically put forth their best presentation.
  • Write successful college application essays based on their own experiences and personalities.
  • Choose a field of study that matches their passion and strengths and feel empowered and enthused by the knowledge that they can achieve what they want when involved and engaged.
  • Confidently interview for college admission with effective interview techniques and a powerful resume.

Getting started withCPSi

Option 1 – Attend a Seminar

(for High School Students)

Attend our College Planning Seminar in Bellevue to learn the facts about preparing and planning for admission and scholarships. Seminar attendees are awarded a complimentary private assessment meeting with a CPSi consultant.

  • Who – High school sophomores and juniors, accompanied by their parent(s)
  • Cost – FREE when student and parent(s) attend together
  • How – Register for seminar now or call 1-800-987-7625 to make reservations

Option 2 – Attend a Private Meeting

Contact us to arrange a private assessment with a CPSi consultant about your unique college admission and college money opportunities. This option is ideal for busy families who prefer to skip the seminar and get started quickly. Skype conference assessments are available for families outside the local area. (Scheduling subject to availability of openings for new CPSi students).

  • Who – Prospective students with their parent(s)
  • Cost – Credit card is required to reserve a time
    – $250 for 10th & 11th-grade students with parent(s)
    – $400 for all other students with parent(s)
  • How – Call +1 425-455-4272 or 1-800-987-7625 to arrange your private meeting