Admissions Scandal Lesson: Do the Right Thing

Admissions Scandal Lesson: Do the Right Thing

The current college admissions scandal is shameful because the reputation of honest students admitted to elite colleges is called into question when undeserving students are admitted by cheating. The carnage, driven by the perception held by some unethical parents of college admission prestige and the money made by those who enabled the ruse, is unforgivable.

While some complained about the college admission advantage given to some excellent student athletes, there was always a sense that students admitted to play on a college team had earned that advantage through long, hard training in their sport. In fact, most college student athletes earned coach-supported admission, but now #CollegeCheatingScandal has tarnished the honor of their admission.

Some also complained about test accommodations for learning disabilities. Still, when genuinely qualified learning-style difference students earned a coveted college admission after testing well with accommodations, they were cheered and admired for their hard work and resilience. Now those admissions are viewed with skepticism as well.

Those are just two examples of students who carry the weight of all this; many more are also affected.

To all CPSi students and other honest students who earned college admission through persistence, hard work, and integrity – step back from this frenzy, take a deep breath, and be proud of your achievement. No one can ever take away what you earned. And remember to continue living this CPSi mantra:

Do the right thing.

You are not responsible for what anyone else thinks, as long as you do the right thing.

There is nothing above doing the right thing.

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