Bob Mahmoudi

March 14, 2019

Admissions Scandal Lesson: Do the Right Thing

Encouragement for CPSi students and all other honest students who earned their college admission.

by Bob Mahmoudi

November 2, 2018

Quality Colleges vs. College Rankings

Bob Mahmoudi, CPSi's founder, shows families a better way to compare undergraduate college and university programs.

by Bob Mahmoudi

September 1, 2017

College Applications: REA, ED, and EA options

Who benefits from applying REA, ED, or EA?
Despite popular belief, applying to colleges Early Decision (ED), Restricted Early Action (REA) – also ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

August 18, 2015

ED and REA College Applications – Are They Good Options for You?

Fall and the November Early Decision (ED), Restrictive Early Action (REA), and Early Action (EA) deadlines are looming for thousands of college ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

The Lunar New Year 2015
May this year bring you each health, prosperity, and great fortune!

by Bob Mahmoudi

May 21, 2013

3rd of 10 Most Important Factors for Success in College Admission And Beyond (Series)

It might sound pretty high-reaching, but you know it’s the truth. Successful people don’t just go through the motions for temporary glory; they focus ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

April 19, 2013

Second of 10 Most Important Factors for Success in College Admission And Beyond (Series)

In the first post of this series, I emphasized the importance of finding and choosing the student’s best-fit colleges. One way to identify the best ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

March 19, 2013

One of 10 Most Important Factors for Success in College Admission And Beyond

In celebration of CPSi’s 20th anniversary this March, I will write a new blog post each month for the next 10 months to share the 10 most important ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

March 20, 2012

For Chinese and Indian students, 6 Components for College Success

High school students in China and India are riding on the tide of rising economic growth and prosperity. They have the opportunity to build on the ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

January 15, 2012

Answer For My Son: Why Do I Send You My Goals?

I believe in the importance of setting goals, and I have set goals for myself every year since 1966.  Fourteen years ago, when my son was 15 and my ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

July 18, 2011

Parents – Are You Limiting or Empowering Your Student?

Among the several thousand families that I have worked with over the past two decades, I often find that parents limit what their students can ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

June 28, 2011

Need College Scholarship Money? Apply To Your Best-Fit Colleges!

For a small number of colleges – those in the Ivy League, Stanford, and similar big names – college money is given only to students with demonstrated ...

by Bob Mahmoudi

May 12, 2011

Writing Application Essays to Overcome Academic Record Deficiencies

Not everyone applying to college has a 4.0 GPA, top SAT or ACT test scores, or glowing teacher recommendations.

by Bob Mahmoudi

April 29, 2011

Your College Admission Thumbprint: Your Essay

Don’t Let Someone Else Write Your Essay
Your college application essay can be your thumbprint to uniquely identify you. The savvy admissions officer ...

by Bob Mahmoudi